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The pre-clinical and clinical studies confirm its properties for dental treatments:

Application of hyadent BG on gingival recession by Prof Anton Sculean

Prof Anton Sculean

Accelerated tissue healing

Coordinates the post-operative inflammation process and accelerates neoangiogenesis. [1,2]

blood clot stabilisation with hyadent BG by Prof Anton Sculean

Prof Anton Sculean

Enhanced predictability

Stabilizes coagulum and supports tissue regeneration in dental surgery. [1-4]

Gingival recession regeneration with hyaDNET BG

Prof Yoshinori Shirakata

Promotes regeneration

Promotes periodontal regeneration in intrabony, recession and furcation defects. [1-4, 11]

Seven reasons to use hyaDENT BG in dental surgery

pictogram tooth

Greater outcome predictability

hyaDENT BG stabilizes blood clot and attracts growth factors to support and accelerate hard and soft tissue formation.[1-4, 17,19]

pictogram dental surgery

Faster tissue healing

hyaDENT BG supports angiogenesis [1,10,19] & tissue formation [12,13,15-17] over an extended period of time. Its special formulation remains present throughout the various phases of the healing process due to its slow degradation pattern (4-6 weeks).[17]

pictogram tooth

Lower risks of infection

hyaDENT BG’s bacteriostatic action reduces pathogen penetration in the surgical site. [5]

pictogram tooth

Better aesthetics

hyaDENT BG supports scar-less wound healing. [18,19]

pictogram tooth

Better patient experience

hyaDENT BG’s adjusted molecular weight reduces swelling and discomfort during the healing process. [18,19]

pictogram tooth

User friendly

Apply directly on surgical site (in presence of blood), do not rinse. hyaDENT BG can be combined with any porous bone substitute to prepare the “sticky bone” in 3 minutes.

pictogram white tooth

Optimization of the properties of other biomaterials

When hyaDENT BG gel is combined with graft material hydrophilic properties are enhanced, as well as volume stability [24] and remodelling. [25] When hyaDENT BG gel is coated on a collagen membrane, its barrier effect is extended.[14]

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